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The Gold Standard in Data Discovery and Classification
Verified by the Tolly Group

When managing sensitive data, clarity and control are imperative. The Tolly Group, a leading independent testing lab, rigorously evaluated Inventa’s precision and processing capabilities in handling large-scale structured and unstructured data.

The results? Inventa set new standards in data discovery and classification. It excels in sensitive data identification, efficient handling of large-scale data, and versatile, rapid processing.

Topline Performance Summary:

  • Structured Data Accuracy: 98.6%
  • Unstructured Data Accuracy: 100%
  • Database Scanning Speed: Processed 60 million rows in 25 seconds
  • Database Throughput: 2.5 GB per second
  • File Share Handling: Managed over 700,000 files at the rate of 8 large PDF files per second
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Download the Tolly Report

Gain comprehensive insights from the Tolly Group’s evaluation and see why Inventa stands as the new gold standard in sensitive data discovery and classification. Explore how Inventa's exceptional performance can elevate your data discovery and classification strategy.

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